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Projectmates app is an essential tool for managing projects while in the field.

Managing Your Construction Project While in the Field

Effectively managing your construction project while in the field is crucial for ensuring progress and success. You can’t always be tied to your computer for checking or updating project details or communicating with your team about changes. With the right project management software, you can manage your construction project in real-time while in the field. Here are some key benefits to consider.

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The Fresh Market

Projectmates Client Spotlight: The Fresh Market 

While The Fresh Market brings a fresh take on the grocery shopping experience, back in 2017 its construction program was starting to feel a little stale. Legacy construction methods of management were showing their age and valuable construction data just seemed to disappear. In this Client Spotlight, we spoke with Sharon Oliver, Development Coordinator for The Fresh Market, to see how partnering with Projectmates has helped the company streamline its construction management process and increase efficiency during a time of growth.

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Projectmates streamlining building processes for Owner

Why Streamlining Building Processes Is Important 

A new construction project involves many moving parts and numerous people, so it’s crucial to have an organized and efficient process. Streamlining your building processes is one way to ensure this happens. Streamlining your processes will improve overall workflow along with many other benefits. Here are a few of the key benefits of streamlining your building processes.

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Using Construction Technology in the Field

Real Construction Improvements with Virtual Technology

Virtual technology has brought unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration to the process of building things. With BIM, designers can create comprehensive models that incorporate architectural, structural, and mechanical elements. This integration facilitates seamless coordination among various disciplines, preventing clashes and conflicts before construction even begins.

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Construction Manager using Projectmates on site

You’re Effective or Are You Efficient?

While the terms effective and efficient might seem interchangeable, they’re actually quite distinct. So what does dipping into contingency funds say about how well a project is running? Knowing the differences between these two terms leads to smarter choices and better results in your construction program.

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Construction project financial lifecycle in Projectmates

What is the Financial Lifecycle of a Typical Construction Project?

Your construction finances are dynamic, where each item is interconnected and influences the others. It’s like a well-coordinated ecosystem where changes in one aspect can have a ripple effect on the rest. While every project can differ slightly, there is a common lifecycle that the finances in a project will follow. Here’s what you need to know.

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“The ‘My Reports’ module is a customizable reporting tool that is the perfect way to keep the management team informed of executive level reports on a weekly basis. Projectmates has exceeded the expectations of my clients on this and numerous projects over the years.”

James C.

CEO, DPPM Project Management

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