3 BIG User Interface Upgrades to Projectmates

You’ve been receiving frequent updates to Projectmates since it launched more than two decades ago. But now, it’s time for the BIG one.

With client feedback in mind, development teams have been working to rebuild Projectmates from the ground up.

The goal? Save time, remove clutter, improve your experience.

To meet that objective, major changes and enhancements were added to this reimagined version of Projectmates.  

1. De-cluttered User Interface

One of the most prominent changes you’ll notice when you access the new Projectmates application is the completely modernized user interface. Using the React platform, our developers visually transformed Projectmates. This customizable project dashboard, for instance, gives you a beautifully laid-out collection of widgets with data on everything from weather forecasts to budget forecasts.

You can stick to using a default dashboard or you can deck out your screen with dozens of unique widgets. You can even add additional dashboards to create the wall of information you want.

It’s all up to you.

Another design addition is the high-contrast mode. It’s great for working in low-light conditions, extending your battery life, and for all of those die-hard dark mode users.

2. Standardized Buttons and Menus

Enjoy the more cohesive experience created by standardizing menus and action buttons. Action items have been tucked behind the three-dot icon.

Wherever you see these three dots, it means there are actions you can take.

Looking into the capital planning module, you can easily identify these icons on the left side of the screen. When you click on the icon, a list pops up showing you exactly what actions you can perform with that data.

In the classic version of Projectmates, these actions were visible at all times, creating areas of screen clutter and, sometimes, confusion.

Another menu improvement in this new Projectmates application is the ability to filter almost any form by using the filter cone. Shown here in the Asset Planning module, the filter cone icon can be found throughout the application.

Simply select the cone above the column you want to filter and then select how you would like to filter the data. In this example, we’re filtering the group column to only show campus-wide projects. A blue dot appears next to the filter cone icon indicating that a filter has been applied.

Super visual. Super easy.

3. Browser and Multi-tab Functionality

Now this feature is definitely a game changer.

Multi-tab functionality means you can work on multiple areas of a project at the same time or work on multiple projects at once. It’s a HUGE time saver when comparing projects against each other or simultaneously performing administrative functions on several projects. (We can hear the site admins cheering from here.)

Projectmates also now works more cohesively with your browser to make navigating a breeze.

You can use your browser’s back and forward buttons to make your way through the application. It might not sound like much, but anyone who has accidentally backed themselves out of an application simply by clicking the back button knows how frustrating it can be.

There’s more just around the corner!

You’ve seen a few of the new enhancements, but that’s just the tip of the application iceberg. You really need to experience the new Projectmates application to feel the difference.

A big thank you to our beta tester clients who gave up a chunk of their personal time to really put this Projectmates application through its paces. Their feedback enabled our developers to create a better product for everyone.

Enjoy the new Projectmates application and let us know your favorite features!

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