A Look Back at 2018: Projectmates Enhancements & Achievements

A Look Back at 2018: Projectmates Enhancements & Achievements

2018 has been an amazing and productive year filled with tons of enhancements from Version 17 - 18 that the Projectmates team is proud to have added for our customers. From integrating with DocuSign and a highly robust BIM Viewer, our goal is to always provide our users with the best project efficiency-boosting tools. Here is a look back at all the new enhancements this past year:

Projectmates V17

  • 3D BIM Viewer with 2D & 3D Markups
    Projectmates BIM viewer lets you easily view and share designs. Additionally, the BIM viewer gives you the ability to manage quantity takeoffs & measurements.
  • PDF Viewer with Collaborative PDF Markups
    View and carry out instant markups with team members on any browser. Also available on iOS devices.
  • Instant Integration
    With automated data exchanging, your company can bridge the gap between Projectmates and your internal ERP systems in record-breaking time and for a fraction of the cost of custom integrations.
  • Next Generation Reporting
    New site-wide ad-hoc reports & project-based mini reports provide more transparency into your project’s performance.
  • Mobile App Enhancements
    Project information is now available and can be accessed through the Projectmates mobile app.

Projectmates V18

  • DocuSign Integration
    Projectmates has partnered with DocuSign to bring you the latest in industry-leading electronic signature technology. Once set up, you can start attaching signatures as a part of your approval processes.
  • Enhancements to BIM Viewer
    The BIM Viewer can now switch between different views, such as the 3D model and any attached 2D sheets. A Screenshot button has been added to easily generate a PNG and distribute it by email.
  • Enhancements to Cost Tracking
    Users have more flexibility when creating and managing Cost Tracking items such as Project Managers and Site Admins having the ability to swap approvers for an item undergoing approval.
  • Improved File Attachment Capabilities
    You can now copy any drawing from the document management area to any workflow module such as an RFI or Action list. This will keep context of your issue or discussion together with the drawing.
  • Improved Keyword and Label Management in Documents
    More options for making changes to keywords and labels have been added for better document organization.
  • Projectmates API
    New API methods have been added for Budgets, Contracts, Purchase Orders and Invoices. Additionally, you can now use new API Keys for consuming the API methods.

Because of your continued support, in 2018 Projectmates has been recognized by the Construction Management Association of America as well as Constructech Magazine as a consistent and trusted leader in the Construction Industry.

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