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Construction project financial lifecycle in Projectmates

What is the Financial Lifecycle of a Typical Construction Project?

Your construction finances are dynamic, where each item is interconnected and influences the others. It’s like a well-coordinated ecosystem where changes in one aspect can have a ripple effect on the rest. While every project can differ slightly, there is a common lifecycle that the finances in a project will follow. Here’s what you need to know.

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Create a Winning Bid Process for Your Bid Packages in Projectmates

Create a Winning Bid Process for Your Bid Packages

As a project owner, juggling multiple bids for a project can be quite a challenge. From figuring out what requirements you need from potential bids to ultimately selecting the best one, it’s essential to stay organized and in control. That’s where a project management information system (PMIS) comes in to make your life easier. Here’s what you should know about using a PMIS to help you efficiently organize the bidding process.

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Capital Planning in Projectmates

Integrating Accounting Software with Your Construction Project Management Platform

When it comes to construction projects, it’s essential to have software that not only keeps tasks and deadlines organized but also assists with the financial aspects. Integrating accounting software with your construction project management solution can bring significant advantages to your entire project. This article explores the key considerations and benefits of this integration.

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Owner, architect, general contractor working together using Projectmates

Benefits of Streamlined Construction Management

If you’re regularly adding on to your facilities, purchasing new buildings, or opening new locations, you want things to run as smoothly as possible. Streamlining the management of your projects, people, and finances is one of the best things you can do. Here are just a few benefits of streamlined construction project management.

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