What's Your Pleasure? Device & Browser Compatibility with Projectmates

What's Your Pleasure? Device & Browser Compatibility with Projectmates

For many enterprise web applications such as Projectmates, Internet Explorer has long been the web browser of necessity with the desktop computer being the only option for devices. Unlike basic web pages, enterprise web applications are associated with data creation, storage, and accessibility. For example, as a Projectmates user, you can update and track your budgets online, respond to that urgent RFI, and approve invoices electronically so contractors get paid.

Today, however, Projectmates is the ultimate buffet in terms of browser and device choice. While it was a massive effort to make our construction management software compatible on multiple browsers and devices, it was worth it: We don't force our users to eat Internet Explorer!

Projectmates is compatible with the most popular browsers today, namely Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. In addition, Projectmates is commonly used on smartphones, tablets, and laptops; Projectmates goes where you go, including the field and airport.

If you're considering construction management software, know what's on the menu. User adoption is tantamount to successful implementation of any software. When users can access the software on the web browser or device of their choice, implementing the software is that much easier.

We've expanded our menu: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer; smartphones and tablets. With Projectmates, choose your favorite and be sure to come back for seconds.

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