Impact of Job Roles on Purchase Decisions: Construction Software

Impact of Job Roles of Purchase Decisions: Construction Software

When it comes to making a substantial software purchase for your company, your role or position play a big part in what you want from software. This especially applies to a market as large and diverse as the construction industry. In a recent study done by Software Advice, which connects construction software buyers with vendors, they interviewed three job roles: Owner, Project Manager and IT Manager. Find out what each role desires the most when purchasing new construction software.


Business Owners
Business Owners primarily focused on improving their bottom line. This could mean anything from streamlining their accounting infrastructure, increasing security, and maintaining the most accurate information possible at all times. While many owners want to bid for more expensive and competitive projects, they are often hesitant due to the overwhelming difficulty of maintaining the increased volume of work while still ensuring everything is done up to company standards. As a result of this desire towards greater quality control, owners often preferred to have their software physically located at the company, as opposed to Project and IT Managers who prefer would rather have it be web-based for the sake of convenience.

Project Managers' Top Reasons for Purchasing Software

Project Managers
While certainly still caring about their company's bottom line, Project Managers mainly wanted to see an array of practical features when acquiring new software. They often leaned towards all-in-one solutions that integrated as much as possible, such as scheduling, job costing, and bid distribution. Project Managers frequently voiced their displeasure towards manual or double entry, issues that occur very frequently when a business is hampered by poorly integrated systems.

IT Managers' Top Reasons for Purchasing Software

IT Managers
While they formed a much smaller portion of the study group, IT Managers were very vocal on their need to work with software that was as optimized and least outdated as possible. To put it simply, whereas the previous two roles were focused on how the software could improve their work efficiency, IT managers focus more on the stability and underlying architectural qualities of the software itself. IT Managers are often frustrated by having to fix broken and inefficient software, essentially becoming glorified tech support.



While these three demographics are all just as heavily affected by their company's software as much as the other, it is often difficult to find a solution that can adequately address all of these different desires all at once. With Projectmates Construction Program Management Software, however, that solution is a reality.

Projectmates' Total Control solution meets all the needs of Owners, Project Managers, and IT Managers. Here's how:

Solution for Owners
Projectmates improves a company's bottom line. Offered on a dedicated and secure server, Projectmates streamlines workflow and gives executives oversight into the health of all projects. With Projectmates, Owners are able to build more in a shorter time and with less manpower.

Solution for Project Managers
With over 40 modules out of the box, Projectmates is a workhorse in terms of functionality. Cost tracking, schedule management, bidding, document sharing — you name it, and it's included out of the box. In addition, the software can integrate w/ other enterprise software applications and is collaborative so Project Managers, contractors, consultants, and vendors are all on the same page.

Solution for IT Managers
The SaaS model means Projectmates is supported and maintained by Systemates. Projectmates undergoes 2-3 major updates annually, making the software easy to use and always up to date. Projectmates is an excellent business solution, not another IT headache.

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