Become a Santa in Construction Project Management with Rudolph to Lead You the Way

Become a Santa in Construction Project Management with Rudolph to Lead You the Way

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny nose,
And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows..."

As Christmas is approaching, are you still struggling with your construction project and feeling envious that Santa got himself a useful helper — the red-nosed reindeer — to lead him cross the blizzard? You can now get a reliable construction project management software for 2018 as your dependable point of contact, which works just like Rudolph and can show you a way to be more efficient and convenient — Projectmates.

Projectmates was released in the year 2000 to increase the efficiency and communication for dealing with construction projects. Additionally, Projectmates is only one in a few construction project management solutions that is owner-focused. With Projectmates, here are some benefits you will get via our incredible capabilities:

  1. You don't need to worry about miscommunication anymore.

    Projectmates provides a single source of truth to increase transparency on your projects, which helps to avoid any instances of confusion and misunderstanding. For further transparency, Projectmates' mobile app enables you to track each project's status in real-time whenever you are. No longer do you have to be at the office to complete your work — Projectmates gives you the ability to work right from the field with the power of your smartphone or tablet.

  2. The workflow you set up will never be messed up.

    A lot of times, we may set up a plan for each person to have different roles and responsibilities. As the plan gets bigger, it will become more complicated. That is one reason why Projectmates includes RFIs, or Request for Information, to handle any questions that may come in the construction management process.

    Depending on your role, an email notification may get sent to you to respond to the RFI. Through Projectmates' Ball in Court, RFIs will also show if you have any pending or overdue to respond to. When responding to an RFI, you can easily upload pictures, data sheets, or other electronic files. Once an RFI is complete, you can submit a final response.

  3. Keep the paper out!

    Getting tired of having tons and tons of paperwork and just can't find what you want immediately? With Projectmates, all you need is your phone, tablet, or desktop computer, and you can open and edit any files you want with any file type. After you finish editing, you can send or share the new version immediately via email and track it afterwards.

In the upcoming Christmas holiday, just be a happy Santa with a smart Rudolph who can guide you the right way without carrying any worries on the sleigh. Projectmates wishes you a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year!

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