Happy Halloween from Projectmates!

Happy Halloween from Projectmates!
"Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble."
— William Shakespeare

M&Ms Jar

The Projectmates team wishes you a Happy Halloween! We hope it is Spooktacular and that everyone stays safe.

Every Halloween, Projectmates holds a costume contest, and this year was no exception. For those who decided to participate, prizes awaited!

Projectmates Halloween Group Photo

This year, we had a diversity of interesting costumes, including a Rebel Hillbilly, Doctor, Fairy Hunter, Construction Guy, Killer Bunny, Arch Wizard, Goddess of War, and Spider Lady! And of course, how could any Halloween be complete without a Batman?

"A hero can be anyone." — Batman

A hero can be anyone. - Batman

"Don't make be cast a spell on you!"

Don't make be cast a spell on you!

"Did someone call for a doctor?"

Did someone call for a doctor?

"Kneel... before my blade of justice!"

Kneel... before my blade of justice!

"Nothing like winding down by sitting on the couch and watching some television!"

Nothing like winding down by sitting on the couch and watching some television!

"Want to know what's in my basket?" — Killer Bunny
"I've got the power!" — Rebel Hillbilly

Silly poses!

Prizes this year included Best Costume, Runner Up, Scariest Costume, and Funniest Costume! Stay tuned for next year's Halloween with Projectmates.

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