Thanksgiving 2017, and a Look Back to Everything We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2017, and a Look Back to Everything We Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all the owners managing construction projects!

Thanksgiving is the time of year we all gather with friends and family and give thanks for the wondrous things that have happened over the year and to one another. Projectmates capital construction software for project management was first conceived by our founders: AIA architects and city planners who wanted to offer a more economical and optimized method to manage construction projects.

In 1997, ArchManage was introduced, and it was the first web-based construction project management software of its kind. In 2000, the first version of Projectmates was released, and since then, every year we do 1 - 2 significant updates of the software along with monthly software tweaks.

Our updates typically come from our innovation lab, working hand in hand with our current clients to help optimize and grow our software through partnership. Often our partners will ask us to add certain elements or create a specific workflow, and our Innovation lab takes that and expands so that all our clients can prosper from the best practices and ingenuity in the field.

We are truly thankful for our clients and their feedback, the diversity of our team, and the hardworking spirit that drives innovation.

Top 5 Reasons we are thankful:

  1. Our Clients

    We are truly honored to work with so many companies that are helping to shape and change the world. We value our partnership with them and the ability to love what we do genuinely so that our typical workday does not feel like work.

  2. The Projectmates Support Powerhouse

    Our support team is one of the best in the world; with years of experience, they are always ready to help and assist in ensuring user experiences are always easy and productive. Many of our clients will remark on how the individuals who helped implement their software will also be the ones to answer technical questions as the years go on. We foster a partnership based on trust and transparency.

  3. The Projectmates Innovation Lab

    At the forefront of our technology are the individuals in our innovation lab, making sure Projectmates is future-proof and ready to take full advantage of emerging technologies. They work hand in hand with our clients to create and develop new ways to optimize our construction project management software as well as build new integrations.

  4. Our Implementation Team

    We are always working hard to be available and in person to set up our new partners with the latest and greatest technology that Projectmates can offer. Our team is nothing but smiles and comes with an enthusiastic approach to helping on-board new clients in record time. It is often said that they do not bring a book with checklists and questions to implement a new client, but rather years of best practices and efficiencies to help everyone get up and running fast and resourcefully.

  5. Our Friends, Family, and Loved Ones

    Thanksgiving comes around every year, and we want to take that moment to say thank you and dedicate some time to those people that lent a hand, gave support, and offered insight into helping create a fantastic solution to so many people. Without all those friends, family, and loved ones, Projectmates would not be what it is today.

Thanksgiving is a tradition of sitting down to eat and be thankful for the gifts that have been given. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable season and can spend it with friends and family.

Looking towards next year, we are sure to have more in store with our award-winning innovation lab; they are hinting at some huge announcements in 2018.

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