Projectmates Client Spotlight: The Fresh Market 

A Stale Situation  

While The Fresh Market brings a fresh take on the grocery shopping experience, back in 2017 its construction program was starting to feel a little stale. Legacy construction methods of management were showing their age and valuable construction data just seemed to disappear.  

In this Projectmates Client Spotlight, we spoke with Sharon Oliver, Development Coordinator for The Fresh Market, to see how partnering with Projectmates has helped the company streamline its construction management process and increase efficiency during a time of growth. 

Fresh Construction Software 

“We relied on email for our communication. Some emails were missed and deadlines were missed that way. We also relied on spreadsheets and everyone had different spreadsheets. They weren’t updated the same and information was just, so to speak, all over the place,” said Sharon. 

In 2017, The Fresh Market operated more than 100 locations on the East Coast of the United States and had big plans to expand west. However, the legacy management methods they were using were constantly letting the construction team down and costing the company money. They knew they needed a collaborative construction management application that would help keep their projects on schedule and under budget.  

They needed Projectmates.  

Communication is Key 

“We decided to use Projectmates for all of our projects whether it’s a new build or a design or remodel. We decided that we’re going to use it for everything,” said Sharon. “Now communication has been easier. Managing the projects has been much easier for the PMs. Getting information, meetings, and reporting, all of that has been much easier.” 

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software provided The Fresh Market with a collaborative platform where owners, architects, engineers, and contractors could all work together in real time. With more than 40 built-in modules including document and design management, project scheduling, RFI and submittal workflows, field reports, integration with the internal accounting system, and even a mobile construction management app, Projectmates equipped The Fresh Market with all of the essential construction management tools needed to keep their projects on schedule and under budget. 

However, getting the software was just the first step. 

Implementing a Solution  

The team needed to learn how to use its features in order to really leverage the data that the system can house and produce. Luckily for The Fresh Market, Projectmates has the implementation process down to a science. 

“The whole implementation was great. Anytime that we called or emailed the response was really quick and they were on top of it,” said Sharon. “The process was really good. The only hold-up was on our end, getting everyone together for training. I think if we were to stop using Projectmates now it would disrupt our whole flow. Everyone is so used to using it.” 

Reporting Made Easy 

Before switching to Projectmates, project managers at The Fresh Market were using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Word to put reports together for their executive team. It took a lot of time to compile and sift through all the information that needed to be included. Sometimes the data simply wasn’t available because it was buried in an email chain or someone’s spreadsheet.  

Now, the team simply selects the information they want to report on and how they want to display it. 

Projectmates does the rest.  

“We can run different types of reports or charts or graphs out of there and we can send that up to our leadership team. So that works really well,” said Sharon.  

External Inclusion 

It’s not just the Fresh Market Team that is benefiting from Projectmates. External team members were granted access to specific areas of the software to streamline operations and to give PMs valuable insight into what is happening on any project at any time. 

“Our vendors use Projectmates because it’s web-based and they love that. Our contractors and even our PMs have their iPads so when they do their site visits, they have the app and can take and upload pictures. The vendors can upload their invoices as well so it just works to have the whole team, external and internal, on Projectmates.” said Sharon. 

Project Success is in the Bag 

With Projectmates now housing all of The Fresh Market’s construction project data in a single source of truth, the grocer has better insights, streamlined operations, and enhanced communication to finish every project on time and on budget.  

In fact, they just opened up store number 160 in mid-2023 and now have locations across 22 states. 

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