Projectmates Client Spotlight: City of Waco

We see it all of the time.

Organizations managing construction projects across various software platforms pieced together over the course of many years. Excel spreadsheets, email, network drives, and other siloed applications that may have worked a decade ago but now just get in the way.

In this client spotlight, we talked with Hope Kurtz, a Utilities Administrator with the City of Waco Water Utilities Services, to see how Projectmates has helped transform the city’s construction program from messy to managed.

Where’s My Construction Data?

When the city of Waco first partnered with Projectmates in 2018, their construction project information was often hard to locate. Without any way to track revisions, managers would find themselves wasting valuable time searching for the latest documents.

This method of running projects presented numerous challenges when trying to keep stakeholders up to date. Communication and status updates were sporadic. Managers were at the mercy of their team members to keep them informed as to what tasks were completed and what was next on their plate. Approvals, RFIs, and submittals would commonly end up sitting on someone’s desk or lost in an inbox. It was frustrating for teams to come to a standstill due to preventable delays.

Waco’s construction team knew there had to be a solution to achieve their goals, so they began to search for one platform to bring that uniformity and continuity seriously needed to manage their program.

Enter Projectmates.

With Projectmates as their single source of truth, project managers in Waco are now able to easily find the exact document they need, when they need it.

“Just to be able to know where things are is great,” said Hope. “If our engineering firms that we do business with use it like they’re supposed to then it’s easy for us to go pull files. If anyone has a question about something like ‘What comments did I make at 30% design?’ It’s easily accessible.”

Streamlined for Simplicity

Projectmates’ streamlined workflows are having an incredible effect on the city’s construction program. Delays have decreased significantly as a result of the notifications and tailored workflows for RFIs, contracts, and overdue items.

“Once we set up our contracts, our contractors can go in and they can do their own invoices,” said Hope. We even pay invoices in Projectmates. Everything is done in Projectmates. That way we don’t have to deal with any shuffling of paperwork or anything like that.”

Waco’s accounting department is also happy with the integration between Projectmates and their ERP system. Now financial data maintains its integrity from pay app to cut-check.

Learning from Previous Projects

Projectmates is designed for owners to be able to learn from past successes and failures alike. Record-keeping features make sure all documents are easily accessible from previous projects, help owners forecast future project costs, and allow for asset planning and tracking.

“Just to be able to go back and say ‘Hey what did we do a year ago or two years ago in this project?’ If something comes up for the warranty deed or any warranty questions like that, we can just go back and pull things and we know exactly where it is and where it needs to be,” said Hope.

Projectmates’ processes also allowed Waco to define and refine team member roles in the software so that all stakeholders have their to-do list with deadlines front and center as soon as they log in. No more guessing about what needs to happen next. Administrators can even view those task lists and quickly pull reports on project status as well as at-risk schedules and vendor reports.

A Clear Path Forward

With Projectmates now the single source of truth for all project data, the city of Waco no longer questions whether data is up to date or where a project stands. It is the only collaborative platform that Waco’s team needs to deliver projects on time and on budget. Projectmates has proven to be the critical tool Waco was looking for to keep their construction documents organized, their operations streamlined and their team well informed.

Just ask Hope.

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