How Projectmates Can Help You Plan For A Successful 2018

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As 2018 draws near, it is imperative for organizations to reflect on 2017 and identify areas for improvement in the upcoming New Year.

A common area that can often be upgraded is the methods for planning during the construction project process. Effectively planning each phase of the building process is critical to success and can have a major impact on the success of an organization.

Projectmates’ award winning construction project management software provides many features that allow clients to have full control while planning capital construction projects. Several modules stand out above the rest when it comes to construction planning software and setting up organizations for success.

  1. Document Management

    One of the most critical components of capital construction project planning is the various documents that are necessary within a capital project. Project teams need to be able to access photos, drawings, specifications, floor plans, blueprints, as well as many other types of documents in order to effectively plan each part of the building process.

    In addition to accessing the documents, construction project members need an efficient way to make changes or know exactly what needs to be improved. Projectmates document management module allows for clients to easily view documents, make redlines, accept changes, email approvals, and much more. The module is highly customizable and extremely easy to use.

    The tabs and menu structure can be specially constructed based on client needs. The process of uploading documents is simplified by allowing users to simply drag and drop files to upload on any browser. Projectmates allows users to easily markup documents in order to make changes during the planning phase.

    Through Projectmates mobile, users can view, upload, and markup documents and photos through their android or apple mobile device. Version control eliminates the need for renaming each new version of a file that gets uploaded.

    You can instead view all previous versions of the same file and easily roll back to a previous version if necessary to drastically reduce clutter and enhance project organization.

    Every feature built into the document management module is designed to meet the specific needs of clients within the industry and immensely improve each phase of the construction management process.

  2. Workflow Management

    Another important aspect of capital planning software is the workflow management module. The effective management of any project can easily require contributions and oversight from many different professionals in different departments.

    Projectmates’ construction workflow management module features provide an intelligent system that automates the entire process, making tasks such as tracking requests and receiving approvals efficient.

    Projectmates features a simple and easy-to-use interface to manage RFIs, submittals, and field reports when they are submitted, enabling the user to track the various requests and approvals.

    Email notifications are immediately sent to parties responsible for handling the requests, and actions are monitored in real-time.

    The workflow management drastically enhances an organization’s ability to collaborate regardless of being in different departments or offices. Projectmates eliminates the guesswork and gives clients full control of the entire construction management process, allowing them to plan for success.

  3. Capital Planning

    Arguably one of the most important parts of construction planning is the budgeting and financial process of construction projects.

    Often times when a capital project is unsuccessful, the reasons can be attributed to the inefficient use of funds or poor capital planning. Projectmates online construction management software provides executives a highly robust Capital Planning Software to strategize and track their capital projects and funding sources.

    Multiple funds can be created, grouped, and balances can be tracked within the Projectmates platform. Capital planning professionals can allocate funding to capital projects by fiscal year and project phase. Projectmates’ intuitive design and workflows makes this complex process simpler by providing users with graphical representations of projects, costs, and allocations.

    Capital projects, funded and unfunded, are ranked by criteria that you have full control over. This allows for prioritizing of projects by need or any other ranking criteria.

    In addition, funding rules can be set for the different phases and years of a project to allow for percentage funding across one or multiple funds.

    Instead of constantly having to update spreadsheets that only one person can access at a time, project decision makers can work collaboratively to get the most up-to-date information as commitments and pay applications are added and approved in Projectmates.

    Funding reports deliver an easy view of projected costs, committed amounts, and actual costs in real time as projects move through their life cycle within the software. Projectmates capital planning software allows users to effectively plan the allocation of project funding and ensure that projects are being managed in the most cost-efficient manner.

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity for an organization to implement changes that will make 2018 their most successful year yet.

Implementing Projectmates, the best software for construction project management, can completely revolutionize the way capital projects are managed. The powerful yet easy-to-use software will tremendously enhance the management and planning of each phase in the construction process and help our clients build towards a successful 2018.

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