Importance For Owners To Have Real-Time Project Visibility

Projectmates Offers the Best Owner Focused Construction Software for team collaboration of AECO (Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners or Owner Agents)

For Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners, they know that construction projects run on their schedules and budgets, and the heavy workload of keeping them in check is typically done through a variety of different ways.

Traditionally, team members would use whiteboards, spreadsheets, random phone calls, emails, and other fragmented tools. Today, the traditional method is being revamped into a sleeker, more efficient online powerhouse with a single source of truth for AECO (Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners) and can be utilized to keep projects under budget and on time.

A centralized solution is key to maintaining project(s) data, team information, financial documents, workflows, and more. It is essential for companies striving for more efficient methods of communication and increased productivity to utilize an online capital construction project management tool. Team members can view their assignments and update in real-time to keep the owner up-to-date at any moment with mobile options.

Example of streamlining project management from traditional fragmented processes to forward-thinking technology that harnesses the power of your mobile device:

It is important to have electronic logs that update the observations and document what is happening on the job site. This is typically done with a daily field report that gives the team a snapshot of what happened that day and the conditions at the site.

When daily field reports are done inefficiently they are sometimes forgotten about or updated sporadically. This leads to inefficiencies that can be a detriment to future project success.

With the ability to log a field report from any mobile device preference, it reduces the work for the site crew and increases visibility for owners. The construction team can immediately respond to issues as they see them and address issues promptly including submitting change orders faster. For owners, having the ability to see field reports and daily activity allows them to have up-to-the-minute information about job site conditions, operation, and status. This leads to better decision making and mitigates risk.

Having a strategically set and future-proof tool that is designed to ensure that project success is easily attainable is a crucial differentiator for many Owners. Owners need to have a software solution for capital construction management that includes these key features:

1. Mobility/The Cloud:

One of the most prominent trends is the movement towards everything being accessible in mobile formats and data to be stored digitally in the cloud. This pattern has developed from the increased need for time efficiency & portability and has endless applications.

Nowadays, construction teams need to have access to everything from documents to photos at any given moment, even while they are away from the desktop.

Both mobile solutions and the cloud offer users portability and have a massive impact on productivity. This technological trend is a huge reason why Projectmates is a 100% web-based software that is available anywhere where you have access to the internet. Combine that with the user-friendly native mobile application, and that gives our clients full control of all their construction projects at all times.

2. Automation:

Another significant technological trend is automation. Automation has become something that people desire in as many aspects of their life as possible. We are even starting to integrate automation with the way that we transport ourselves around the city.

The technological advances in recent years have allowed us to streamline processes through automation and just our lives in immeasurable ways.

Projectmates incorporates an unprecedented level of automation in their construction project management software so that users have access to significant amount of real-time data to make smart, well informed strategic management decisions.

3. Single Source of Truth:

Having all project data in one area that is easily tracked is essential. All files have audit logs and the current version number that lets you see updates to the documents and revisions. Also, Projectmates was created with the idea of simplifying a project for both team members and owners. Quickly being able to locate files and photos from projects past and present saves many clients over 20-30% of the previously wasted time locating errant and misplaced data.

4. Security:

Cyber crime is intensifying as is general computer maleficence. Some software vendors will provide software that has points of vulnerabilities discovered and not addressed. It is crucial to ask questions to ascertain what version the software is, what is done to be proactive for your information security, and how secure is the facility that will house your data.

SOC 2 Type II is paramount for owners dealing with capital construction projects that need to manage multiple moving parts. Knowing that your data is secure and that it does not contain vulnerabilities similar to other enterprise software that can have issues with role authentication and budgetary information is crucial. Because Projectmates software is role based and data is kept in protected locations with secure encryption, you can rest assured that your data is safe and projects are optimized with the best solution available.

For 2018, are you ready to see you and your team reach new heights? Improved efficiency and productivity are some of the things Projectmates offers with its secure time-tested software.

Projectmates by Systemates, Inc. is based in Richardson Texas, providing capital construction management software for owners. Projectmates is the construction industry software leader offering a 100% web-based and mobile-friendly platform, enabling our clients to efficiently manage the entire building process from start to finish on behalf of owners, including developers, corporations, and institutions anywhere at any time using all devices capable of internet connectivity and display.

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