Increase Expectations For Construction PM Software

Quickly report on construction project progress with real-time data

Accurate and real-time information of the status and progress of construction projects are the prerequisites for smart construction management. One way to monitor and manage these projects through reporting is to use a project dashboard. The anecdotal, long and tedious reports can make decision makers overwhelmed with too much information, and they can get frustrated in finding one or two pieces of useful information from the exhaustive reports.

The right construction management dashboard represents the project reports visually by converting the compound project information into charts and graphs showing real-time data. Most people learn better visually and interpret and retain the content much more efficiently. Graphs turn raw data into easy-to-understand pictures that can be understood at a glance.  

Projectmates equips project managers and owners with the right tools needed to ensure precise and real-time project information is always available. These reports provide an overview of the projects and help them in making intelligent, data-based decisions. Projectmates dashboards can measure the performance of the projects on different parameters such as cost per project, change order amount by reasons, overdue schedule items, and much more. All these ensure that the owner is in control of his/her projects at all times. The owner can track all progress and effortlessly locate any pitfalls in each project.

Since dashboards provide at-a-glance business intelligence, this also helps construction managers understand the trend of progress for the project up to the evaluation date. It becomes easy to evaluate project statuses and quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects.

Some advantages of dashboards are listed as follows:

  • At-a-glance project status: A dashboard summarizes vast amounts of information in easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Easy insights: It is easier to interpret and comprehend charts and graphs than to understand a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet. The visuals of a dashboard allow stakeholders to quickly make out how projects are faring regarding time and budget.
  • Intelligent decision making: The management can readily recognize trends, compare the actual performance with the benchmark and plan their next steps.
  • Efficient team: It saves all those hours that could have got wasted in looking for a piece of information in a stack of papers.
  • Reduced risk: Dashboards prevent projects from getting off track by helping owners quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects and take corrective action immediately, improving the overall project performance.
  • Project planning: The data captured in dashboards can be used for trending and forecasting for future projects.

Dashboards in Projectmates offer all the above benefits with added flexibility, including:

  • Creating dashboards based on user-defined reporting criteria
  • Exporting charts to PDF, JPEG and other formats
  • Scheduling automatic delivery of a report to anyone via email

Not only this, the Projectmates dashboard is automated to extract data from the various modules like the cost tracking modules and eliminate double entry and reduce manual entry errors. There are dozens of predefined reports to gives executives a bird’s-eye view of projects so that they can keep close tabs on progress. Projectmates allows users to build custom reports with drag and drop functionality, and includes features like grouping and summarizing of data and advanced filter logic. The Ad-Hoc Reporting feature offers a robust drill-down capability that enables management to uncover actual reasons for any under-performing projects.

The dashboard and reporting features found in Projectmates are powerful tools that help in managing the entire project portfolio as a whole and not just an individual project. They can produce a variety of reports like that for Construction, Workflow, Financials and Project Status. Monitoring and managing projects through these smart tools saves the project management team valuable time in reviewing extensive project status reports and aides in informed decision making, reduced risks  which all leads to better project outcomes. 

Expect more from your construction management software, and have an easier time sharing overall project health. With Projectmates, you can quickly create an executive snapshot of projects using real-time data, summarize vast amounts of information in easy-to-read charts and graphs, create dashboards based on user-defined reporting criteria, export charts to PDF or JPEG, easily evaluate your program statuses, and quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects.

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