Integrating Accounting Software with Your Construction Project Management Platform

When it comes to construction projects, it’s essential to have software that not only keeps tasks and deadlines organized but also assists with the financial aspects. Integrating accounting software with your construction project management solution can bring significant advantages to your entire project. Let’s explore the key considerations and benefits of this integration.

Achieve Complete Visibility

Your construction project management solution should provide a centralized platform for all construction information. By having all the relevant details in one place, you eliminate the need to navigate between multiple applications, saving time and effort. With information close at hand, you can view and edit details, track the status of invoices and payments, and gain real-time insights into your project’s financial performance. With complete visibility, you can meet all of your deadlines and milestones and stay within budget.

Ensure Improved Accuracy

Integrating project management software with accounting software enables accurate financial tracking. Automation eliminates errors that often occur with manual data entry, ensuring precise financial records. With a budget to adhere to and constant inflow and outflow of funds, accurate financial figures are crucial for making informed decisions and adjusting schedules or budgets if or when necessary. By not integrating project management software with your accounting software, you risk losing time and money. As an Owner, you and members of your team have to respond to questions on an ongoing basis. Integrating your project management platform with your accounting software ensures you and your team can confidently answer those questions.

Leverage Automation as an Advantage

As mentioned, integrating project management software with accounting software improves automation. Automation significantly enhances your project in the following ways:

  • Increased productivity: Automation streamlines tasks, enabling your team to accomplish more in less time. For example, launching new projects and tasks are easily completed when using pre-built templates. These templates can automatically populate standard information, eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry.
  • Improved communication: Automation greatly improves communication among all stakeholders in your project. When responsible parties are granted access to information like the budget, no one can claim they weren’t aware. This helps hold everyone to the same level of accountability and reduces misunderstandings.

Create a Unified Team

When all team members have access to the same information, everyone is on the same page. Confusion is reduced and productivity goes up. When a situation arises, a shared understanding enables swift responses to any situation. Integration ensures change orders entered into your project management software flow right into your accounting system, which reduces the time normally required to collect additional cost information. This allows for immediate billing of approved changes. Cash flow benefits immensely from this integration and keeps everyone updated in real time.

If you’re tired of jumping between systems and want a seamless integration, Projectmates can help. At Projectmates, we offer easy integration with accounting software and are committed to maintaining your data integrity. Contact us today for more information.  

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