National Guards Increasingly Adopting Projectmates® to Streamline and Standardize Construction Programs

RICHARDSON, TEXAS – Projectmatesthe enterprise construction project management softwareis pleased to announce that the National Guard (Army and Air) are increasingly selecting the Projectmates platform to ensure swifter authorization of projects, approval of funds, and more timely completion of military construction (MILCON) projects across the total force. 

The National Guard uses MILCON funds for the construction, acquisition, expansion, rehabilitation, and conversion of facilities for the training and administration of Soldiers and Airmen. By implementing ProjectmatesThe National Guard has the oversight and the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of their construction programs — from concept, bidding, contract award, construction, completion, and financial close-out — all in one platform. 

Live visibility across multiple construction projects is an industry-wide problem, and one that ties directly into managing timelines and cost containmentSince the Projectmates platform is accessible from anywhere, information is instantly obtainable to ensure critical decisions are made using the most current data, not speculations. 

Not knowing the true impact of changes or delays, and especially not having real-time information at hand, is why many construction projects don’t succeed,” said Varsha Bhave, founder and CTO of Projectmates and its parent company Systemates, Inc. “We help our government clients ensure every construction project operates smoothly so they don’t encounter unforeseen, costly problems.”  

Projectmates is proud that the collaborative software is helping the National Guard create a transparent environment that improves construction programsfosters quick issue resolutionand ultimately helps control taxpayer dollars. 

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