Owner-Focused Capital Construction Management Software Made To Meet Your Needs

Future-Proof Construction Project Management Software

The new year is finally here! That means new resolutions and goals, new ideas, and most importantly, new construction projects. As your company gets back into gear, do you know how your projects are going to turn out this year? What about how much it will cost per project or even how many projects you will be able to complete?

If you answered no to any of these questions and you feel that your construction projects could be managed better, it may be time to consider getting a construction project management software to make things more efficient, and Projectmates does just that.

What is Projectmates?

Projectmates is an owner-focused Capital Construction Program Management Software dedicated to making your job easier by reducing costs, cutting project duration, and completing projects under budget and on schedule. So how does it work?

The Cloud

Projectmates transforms traditional construction processes to modern-day, digital processes. This means that all of your documents and photos, schedules and punch list items, and project management processes like submittals, RFIs, and field reports, can be managed online. Even project financials such as multiple budgets, contracts, change orders, and invoices can all be handled in the cloud.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can work on your projects from anywhere and anytime. The beauty of cloud-based construction project management software is that nothing needs to be installed. Simply login, and your projects are ready to be worked on.

Collaboration, Communication, and Transparency

Whether you’re away from the office or on site at the field, it’s imperative that everyone stays on the same page. That’s why Projectmates makes it easy for owners, architects, and contractors to collaborate on a project by providing a single platform to centralize all project information. Being able to consolidate all project data drastically saves time and money on its own account.

One of the top reasons why construction projects are delayed or not as successful as they could be is due to the lack of communication. Both communication and transparency are key to building successful construction workflows. Projectmates makes it easy to coordinate conversations with team members through the discussion forums and mobile app.

By connecting the field and office, you no longer need to stay at your desktop to complete your work. With Projectmates mobile app, you can edit any documents and drawings, upload pictures right from your phone, and even create field reports while you’re on the project site location.


With increased cyber security threats & ransomware, it is crucial that you choose a software that you can trust that meets today’s security standards. This is important because some software vendors will provide software that have unaddressed vulnerabilities!

Remember — Picking a secure software is more than just adding a password. To truly protect your data, you need a future-proof process and think critically about not just your current projects, but the longevity of your projects as well.

That being said, Projectmates is proud to provide a SOC 2 Type II compliant software, going through annual audits to keep the prestigious certification. Everything from addressing the financial stability and longevity of the company, documenting every procedure, firewall security, disaster recovery, secure protocols for database access, and security compliance among all employees is tested on a yearly basis to ensure that our clients’ sensitive data is protected.

What’re You Waiting For?

The wait to dramatically increase the efficiency of your construction projects is over. With an enterprise construction program and project management software like Projectmates, you can manage your projects in the cloud, facilitate collaboration between owners, architects, and contractors, and be confident that you have a secure software to truly protect your data.

Make it a goal this year to become more productive and efficient. Most importantly, make it a goal to be the best you can be when managing your construction projects.

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