Owner-Focused Software Puts You in Control 

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Who is in control of your construction program? We’re always intrigued to hear how owners answer this seemingly simple question. The obvious answer would be the owner, right?   

Not so fast.  

We often find that ultimate control over a project comes down to which construction project management software the owner is using.  

While there are a variety of construction software options out there, we’ll be focusing on two of the most widely used types: General contractor software and owner-focused software. What’s the difference?

Let’s Start with the GC Side of Things

General contractor software is designed to accommodate the widest variety of projects. Think jack of all trades, because it is designed to manage the vast array of subcontractors and their various tasks specifically during construction phase. Often offering a flat rate based on % of construction cost and introductory pricing (which can change significantly depending on your project’s budget), this software can be attractive to owners who may be cobbling together a project management suite. They may also feel the information provided by GC software is sufficient.   

Bolting-on products to the existing GC software is standard practice in order to handle many tasks for the life of a project. However, these non-native integrations don’t always play nicely with each other. Inconsistent modules, clunky performance and confusion are the main gripes amongst users.  

All of these issues can create a data dam. Information gets jammed up in auxiliary applications and documents that were once relevant quickly become obsolete. Owners need real-time data to make crucial, proactive decisions when any construction issues arise. If that data isn’t readily flowing, errors on site happen because the latest design change wasn’t clear and then costly schedule slips start piling up.   

This isn’t to say that general contractor software companies don’t try to remedy these issues with add-on features or plug ins for another product. However, clients often report this type of software structure is just plain difficult to use and works around the tech, instead of with it. And, unfortunately, this has become commonplace.  

The Owner-Focused Experience

Now, what about owner-focused construction project management software like Projectmates? More robust in scope, owner-focused software is designed to assist on multiple projects in your construction program, from the planning stages through closeout and handover to your facilities team. Specifically designed for owners, it provides a centralized platform for architects, engineers and contractors to collaborate while providing needed transparency to the owner. Highly configurable modules and forms make for easier construction project management. No hopping from platform to platform based on whatever software your general contractors are using on each project and no limits on what you can view because your GC hasn’t given you access. 

Projectmates has built-in integrations with a number of the most widely used GC platforms, including Procore and PlanGrid. Programmers don’t need to build expensive, a la carte codes for every specific application. In-platform connectors make uploading files or data such as RFI and Submittals from GC software a quick and painless process for your general contractors.  

A robust system doesn’t have to mean complicated.   

During implementation, the Projectmates team works hand in hand with owners and project stakeholders to configure the platform to the specific way they run their organization. And because the platform is so user-friendly, you can update and reconfigure the platform whenever you want, no coding required. 

Need multiple milestone schedules configured within a project but separate from a GC’s construction schedule? 


How about weekly project updates and monthly pipeline reports scheduled for automated delivery to project stake holders? 


Closely collaborating with clients on features like these led to Projectmates receiving 100% positive customer feedback in the anonymous Dun & Bradstreet Performance Evaluation.   

Data retention and security are also at the top of our mind. Every move made in the Projectmates platform is tracked and logged.   

“We don’t have access to that data,” are not words an owner ever wants to hear.   

Unlike GC software where access to specific information can be temporarily granted to an owner and then revoked, Projectmates’ archiving tools give owners access to all of their data, for every project, forever.  

So, Who Is in Control of Your Construction Program?

When using software designed for general contractors, your projects are subjected to cobbled-together systems, your users have a less-than cohesive experience and your valuable construction data is removable.   

Conversely, Projectmates’ owner-focused project management software is designed specifically with an owner’s needs in mind. Data is accessible, modules are configurable, and multiple projects can be managed all from one place.   

Take control of your construction program with Projectmates and own your success.  

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