The Pitfalls of Letting Contractors Manage YOUR Construction Projects with THEIR Software

Potential for Problems

In the construction industry, it’s common for external parties to request an Owner use their software for project management. While that might seem like the most convenient option as an Owner, it’s important to recognize the potential risks and limitations that come along with this approach.   

By surrendering control of key construction data to contractors and using their limited and owner-restrictive software, youre leaving the future of your construction program in someone else’s hands.  

Dependence on external partners for software means you lose visibility and control over crucial project information. This lack of transparency can introduce additional risks, compromise project deadlines, and deprive you of valuable insights that can save you money. 

Overcoming Construction Concerns

Many of our clients tried contractor-focused software before switching to Projectmates’ owner-focused platform. Below we’ve listed a few of their concerns and how they were resolved with Projectmates.  

We don’t want to mandate what software our GCs use.

Projectmates integrates seamlessly with popular external software solutions like PlanGrid and Procore, ensuring contractors are accessing the same centralized source of truth. This integration ensures that all project stakeholders — contractors, architects, engineers, project managers, and owners — are aligned, eliminating worries about working on outdated documentation, delayed RFIs, or errors due to manual data entry. Your GCs still get to use their software and you get an application made specifically for Owners.


We still complete our projects even if the documentation is a little late. How can Projectmates help if we’re already finishing projects?


Even though you’re still able to finish your projects when the documentation is a bit delayed, Projectmates can significantly enhance your project management and save you time and money. In contractor software, you can track some but not all of your costs for a project, and you definitely can’t for an entire construction program. With Projectmates, you gain access to real-time construction costs, accessible in a centralized location from anywhere. This prevents costly change orders that can result from working with outdated documents and provides you with up-to-date information. This enhanced, real-time visibility you get with Projectmates enables proactive program management and quicker decision-making, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Our contractor supplies us with the data they collect. Why do we need another application with more data?

Projectmates isn’t just another place to store data, it’s a method for you to take control of your data and leverage it to its fullest potential to save time and money. When you’re invited to use contractor software, they control what you can and cannot see. It’s your project, not your GC’s. Plus,  Projectmates is specifically designed for Owners to manage every project phase — from pre-planning to completion — in a construction program, not just one project. Having this program-level data allows you to assess and manage risks comprehensively, address issues across all projects, and improve cost controls. Owning the data you produce during a project also proves invaluable during litigation, as you’ll have a comprehensive record of the project’s history, complete with an audit log. After all, the party with the best documentation wins.

We believe our vendors are doing a good job and are operating effectively. Where is there room for Projectmates to improve our construction program?

It’s great to hear that you have confidence in your vendors’ performance. Projectmates can further enhance your construction program by providing valuable insights and helping you identify areas for improvement. With Projectmates, you can track important metrics like RFI response times, change orders, submittal response times, and design errors. Armed with this information, you can reward reliable contractors with future projects and make informed decisions regarding underperforming vendors, ultimately optimizing the efficiency and quality of your projects.

Regain Control of Your Construction Program

While relying on your contractors’ software may initially seem convenient, it poses significant risks to your construction program. By implementing an owner-focused platform like Projectmates, you can regain control, access real-time data, and make informed decisions throughout your construction program. Investing in the right owner-focused, construction project management software empowers you with comprehensive visibility, reduces risks, and ensures that your construction projects are managed efficiently and effectively.  

So why let contractors dictate the software you use when you can take charge and maximize the success of your projects with Projectmates? 

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