Projectmates Selects EarthCam Technology for Next-Level Project Visibility

Projectmates, the owner-focused construction project management software, is excited to announce its strategic integration with EarthCam, the leader in live camera technology, content and services. By incorporating EarthCam’s capabilities into Projectmates, the company is taking another step forward to provide unparalleled visibility and control to construction program owners.

Earthcam and Projectmates integrationWith this collaboration, Projectmates users gain direct access to EarthCam’s powerful features right within the platform. The integration allows EarthCam users to seamlessly push jobsite pictures into project photo albums, ensuring all stakeholders have access to up-to-date visual documentation of the project’s progress. This streamlines the record-keeping process while providing enhanced documentation and visual evidence of project activities, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among teams.

One of the standout features of this integration is the ability to embed live video directly in the Projectmates dashboard, providing teams with immediate access to real-time imagery. Decision-makers can collaborate effectively with up-to-the-minute data and visual verification throughout every stage of the project.

“By joining forces with EarthCam, we’re elevating project visibility and control for construction program owners,” said Varsha Bhave, President and CTO of Projectmates. “Together, Projectmates and EarthCam are transforming the way owners experience and manage construction projects. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing an unmatched construction program management solution to our valued clients.”

“The Projectmates platform makes it easy for us to fully leverage our feature-rich API,” said Bill Sharp Senior VP, Product Development & Strategy. “With this new integration, EarthCam is the first partner to infuse actionable visual information into Projectmates in a user-driven data interchange to eliminate speculation and improve communication with real-time, high-quality imagery.”

Together, Projectmates and EarthCam deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique needs of project owners.

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