Projectmates Connector for PlanGrid Simplifies Data Entry

As a construction project management professional, you understand the time pressure that’s a direct result of the difficulty juggling hundreds of details to ensure construction projects go smoothly.  So, you’ll be happy to learn that the Projectmates® Connector for PlanGrid® helps make the two enterprise construction software programs work together fluidly.

“With the integration, users no longer need to deal with double entry or delays in exchanging information. Field teams can push their drawing markups from PlanGrid to Projectmates in an instant. It’s a tremendous benefit to both of our user bases.”
Headshot of Projectmates President Varsha Bhave
Varsha Bhave
President & CTO

Customers of Projectmates and PlanGrid can now benefit from both platforms. With the Projectmates Connector for PlanGrid, RFIs and Sheets can be seamlessly pulled from PlanGrid into Projectmates. Field teams actively annotating blueprints, drawings and other design documents will be able to easily pull those into Projectmates for other team members to access.

Users can save PlanGrid drawing sheet archives into Projectmates’ document management module providing a point-in-time drawing archive. The RFIs can be created in PlanGrid in the field, pushed (along with attachments) into Projectmates to be answered and then saved in PlanGrid with the response. Users can post RFIs to drawings or attach them to Field Reports, completing an RFI lifecycle in both systems automatically. Field and office teams using each application can now seamlessly collaborate by linking projects with information requests and drawings as they happen. The integrated data between the two platforms improves access and minimizes double-data entry while maintaining data integrity.

About Projectmates

For 20 years, Projectmates has been pushing the envelope for construction software with its intuitive, feature-rich and easy to use construction project management platform. From conception to closeout, Projectmates has served project owners with its innovative solution, from cradle to grave. Projectmates solves many of the construction industry’s pressing challenges from the owners perspective. Projectmates has kept a pulse on the construction industry and is constantly improving its construction software to make sure your projects come in on time and under budget.

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