Projectmates Selected by Texas Facilities Commission to Manage Their CIP

Projectmates, an established leader in developing capital improvement program management software, announced today that Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) will be employing Projectmates to help them more efficiently manage a capital improvement plan that is expected to extend beyond 2024. TFC was previously managing its construction projects through an antiquated project management system that is now being sunsetted.

Projectmates’ software will help TFC coordinate and execute the construction of multiple new state buildings, updates to the Texas School for Deaf, and a number of ‘on-demand’ projects to renovate existing state-owned facilities. Construction of the new facilities requires TFC to also build parking facilities and utilities infrastructure as well. Projectmates was selected due to the software’s ability to allow TFC to fulfill their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) while maximizing taxpayer funds, minimizing economic waste, and having full transparency on all activity within Projectmates.

Fund tracking within Projectmates allows TFC to clearly know exactly where every dollar is being spent on each project in their CIP. This is a level of transparency that was not previously available to the agency. “TFC and the taxpayers of Texas can rest confidently knowing precisely how their hard-earned tax funds are being used to help the state” said Varsha Bhave, President and CTO of Projectmates. “Our system gives their agency the control to maximize the impact of their funds while efficiently managing construction operations.”

In addition to its full-suite of CIP management tools, the core of Projectmates provides a central platform for their teams to efficiently communicate and manage day-to-day construction workflows. Their construction process is now tracked, maintained, and automated within Projectmates’ software. This includes RFI and change management, submittals, field reports, contracting, and automated approvals of pay applications.

Projectmates also gives TFC access to program reports down to line-item detail for each project. They now have immediate visibility into project schedules, fund status, and will be automatically notified if any of their project schedules are at risk. Projectmates gives TFC live-to-date insight to their program at the click of a mouse.

About TFC:

In 1919, Texas Facilities Commission was established as the State Board of Control. Its designated responsibility was to mandate consolidation of the State’s purchasing, printing, and property management functions. It has since undergone several name changes, but has maintained its role as the stronghold to manage state government buildings. While the commission’s reach has also shifted, its duties continue to span far and wide.

The Great State of Texas can thank TFC for not only providing a secure and enjoyable work environment, but for making sure those buildings are energy efficient as well. Their goal is to provide a high-quality work environment that is functional, energy efficient, and cost effective.

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