Projectmates to Help Dallas County Community College District Manage Six Year Bond Program

DCCCD will be leveraging Projectmates full-suite of capital planning features to track fund allocations across all projects.

RICHARDSON, TEXAS Projectmates® award-winning construction management software has been selected by Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) to help them manage their 2019 bond program over the course of six years. As a part of this bond the district will be undergoing new construction of multiple new facilities to support student success and economic development in their community. Projectmates will serve as the central platform to manage the entire construction cycle for these projects.

DCCCD will be leveraging Projectmates full-suite of capital planning features to track fund allocations across all projects through the duration of their bond program. In this program DCCCD has detailed the construction of a number of new builds including the construction of a Dallas Education and Innovation HUB located in downtown. They’ll also be undergoing construction of a collaborative student learning space as well as multiple expansions and renovations of existing facilities.

With Projectmates, DCCCD will have a single-source of truth for all data and documentation associated with these projects. Projectmates software gives them an easy-to-use interface where their team can collaborate on construction documents, manage all costs, automate workflows, and streamline project reporting.

“Our software delivers 20 years of leading practices in construction management. We specifically designed our software to help owners of capital programs just like this one. Our team is thrilled to help DCCCD support the success of their students and their communities with our construction management software.” said Varsha Bhave, President and CTO of Projectmates.

They now have immediate visibility into project schedules, fund status, and will be automatically notified if any of their project schedules are at risk. Projectmates gives DCCCD live-to-date insight to their program at the click of a mouse. The software also gives the district access to program reports down to line-item detail for each project.

About DCCCD:
DCCCD serves more than 80,000 credit and 20,000 continuing education students each semester; in 2017-2018, that total was 171,556. The district expects to see steady enrollment growth through 2030 to approximately 92,000 credit students.

In May 2019, Dallas County voters approved the issuance of bonds and notes to construct, improve, renovate, and equip buildings for DCCCD. As a part of this bond initiative, DCCCD is set to launch a number of new builds as well as renovate, expand, and equip existing facilities.

Through this bond, the district is set to construct an all-new Dallas Education and Innovation Hub in the heart of downtown. This facility will have the capacity to serve all of Dallas county and will include a Business Training Center as well as a redesigned El Centro College Campus.

About Projectmates:
For 20 years, Projectmates has been pushing the envelope for construction management software. Projectmates is an intuitive and easy to use construction project management platform. From conception to closeout, Projectmates has focused on project owners and their partners.

Projectmates Construction Project and Program Management software is thoughtfully crafted to solve the construction industry’s most pressing challenges from the owner’s perspective. Projectmates has kept a pulse on the construction industry and is constantly improving its management software to make sure your projects come in on time and under budget.

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