Projectmates Can Future-Proof Your Full Construction Program

The construction management industry is one that is highly complex and constantly adapting to changing needs. As a result, Projectmates is also constantly innovating to meet the changing demand. Here are just a few of the reasons why Projectmates’ award-winning enterprise construction project management software is future proof.

  1. Client-Focused

    Projectmates takes a lot of pride in our relationship with clients. To ensure we’re providing the best construction management software on the market, we gain feedback directly from our clients on how to continuously improve the platform. In fact, many of our features are the result of direct client feedback. For example, we drastically enhanced security as a result of a user poll showing an increased emphasis on security. We also went through rigorous evaluations and agreed to annual audits to become SOC 2 Type II certified to ensure we’re providing the highest level of security for our client’s sensitive project data. Then, we added another layer of security through our 2-factor authentication (2FA) feature making it even more difficult for unwanted intruders to gain access to Projectmates user accounts. We’re committed to providing our clients with best in industry security to go along with the robust features of the software. 

  2. Technology Advances

    Projectmates also constantly looks at technology advances to keep pace with new developing industry trends. For example, we identified mobility to be one of the most important features for project owners. Knowing the importance of keeping construction teams updated in real time, we launched a native mobile app and ensured the software was available from any internet-capable device. This way, location is no longer a constraint on construction project success because stakeholders can take action right away from any device, wherever they are, especially when it matters most. 

  3. Implementation Success

    Knowing many construction project management solutions can take up to a year for full implementation, we developed a time-tested process to make sure construction teams are quickly set up for success in the software. While our software is able to be implemented in just 2-4 months, we don’t stop there. We provide many levels of training to ensure our clients can effectively manage every aspect of their construction projects in the software — from preconstruction through the close out process. We also provide best practices to ensure every user is continually getting the most out of the software. 

Projectmates constantly innovates in order to provide clients with the best construction project management software. As we continue to look ahead, we will always be working to adapt and update its technology with constantly changing construction management industry trends and evolving client needs to make the software truly future proof. 

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