San Antonio ISD Moves to Projectmates to Accelerate Project Timelines and Manage $1.3 Billion Bond Program

Projectmates – the enterprise construction project management software designed specifically for Owners – is pleased to announce that the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) has selected Projectmates to manage the district’s capital construction projects.

“One of the recurring frustrations we hear from school districts is the lack of real-time visibility into their construction program,” said Varsha Bhave, founder and CTO of Systemates, Inc., the company behind Projectmates. “Being dependent on a general contractor’s report or using a seat in their software to view project data many times only shows Owners half the story. Using software created for GCs only covers the construction phase of a project, whereas Projectmates allows Owners to capture critical project information right from the start, in the planning phase. This is extremely beneficial for school districts when it comes to capital planning and managing large bond programs.”

With the fast implementation of Projectmates, SAISD is now equipped with the tools needed to effectively manage, report, and deliver on the $1.3 billion 2020 bond program involving 36 campuses — something they were unable to do using the district’s previous software.

Within the Projectmates platform, capital construction projects are managed from inception to completion in real time. This allows project owners to proactively manage projects instead of managing project data entry in various non-connected platforms. Isolated data hinders prompt business decisions, which leads to schedule delays. While construction delays add costs to the project, the negative impacts are more than just fiscal. Schedule setbacks also disrupt the learning environment for students.  

In order to move forward with planned renovations, additions, and infrastructure improvements, San Antonio ISD knew it was essential to have the right project management information system in place. By moving to Projectmates, the school district instantly has the ability to track progress through a single interface, providing a clear picture of where their projects stand and how much funding has been spent on each.

And because Projectmates is accessible from anywhere, project stakeholder communication is facilitated regardless of time, distance or device. Meaning SAISD team members can quickly find, manage and collaborate on the latest project information, reducing on-site errors and costly rework.

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