Santa Fe County Sets Out to Drive Unparalleled Efficiencies in Its Construction Program with Projectmates

RICHARDSON, TEXAS – Projectmates, the owner-focused construction project management software, today announced that Santa Fe County has selected Projectmates to provide a single, consolidated platform for managing its entire capital construction program from concept to closeout.

Projectmates provides all of the project management functionality identified for Santa Fe County’s current and future needs. The project data will provide the County with unparalleled analytical insights into its capital construction program and provide incredible value and transparency to its residents with real-time reporting.  Running on Microsoft Azure, Projectmates will replace the County’s legacy solution for managing current and future capital projects.

“Projectmates’ innovative platform is flexible and easy to use, and it provides key insights that can be shared across all departments,” said Varsha Bhave, founder and CTO of Projectmates and its parent company Systemates, Inc. “Today’s government organizations need a technology partner that has proven solutions built for the unique needs of the public sector. Projectmates’ web-based platform will boost Santa Fe County’s productivity and collaboration, help the County keep up with ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements, and improve its overall operational and reporting capabilities.”

Projectmates will help Santa Fe County drive efficiencies in its capital construction program. By using Projectmates, the County will now be able to automate workflows, simplify reporting and improve schedule delays that cost taxpayers money.

The Projectmates team is currently working with Santa Fe County to implement the new software, and ensuring all stakeholders are set up for success with clear audit trails, custom role-based permissions, and version control on all documents.

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About Projectmates by Systemates, Inc.
Projectmates is a construction program management software platform that is configurable, intuitive, and easy-to-use for project owners. With features such as construction workflow, capital planning and cost tracking, Projectmates solves many of the construction industry’s pressing problems. Richardson, TX-based Systemates, Inc. is the company behind Projectmates; and, its commitment to continuous improvement has made Projectmates one of the most valued products in the AECO market today. Projectmates’ collaborative platform dramatically improves project execution, cuts costs and delays, increases accountability and reduces risks.

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