Three Things Your Productivity App Must Have


In early 2008 a man in a black turtle neck, acid-washed dad jeans, and white New Balance sneakers changed the way the world would come to function. Little did we know that with the introduction of the Apple iPhone we were on the precipice of a new era of work productivity – mobile work productivity. Fast forward to now, ten years later, innovation is not showing any signs of slowing down. Mobile phones and applications have revolutionized the way business is being conducted in the global landscape, and in order for your business to stay ahead of the curve you need to have the right capabilities.

When it comes time for your business to procure an app that will leverage max efficiency and productivity, you need to treat it like a potential hire – make sure it has all the right qualifications. Here is are three things to look for in your next mobile work productivity app.



There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money on a product and not being able to use it due to lack of ease of use. When selecting an app make sure that its navigation is fluid and presents a consistent structure. Think of an app you constantly use on your phone – you probably like it because you know how to get around it easily. The same should go for your next mobile work app. If it seems like you need a pilot’s license to get around it, it may be time to hold the app icon for it’s four seconds of shame before hitting the small 'X'.



When selecting any software, whether it be a mobile application or desktop, you need to make sure that it is agnostic. I’m not talking belief systems here – an agnostic app works not only on one platform but multiple. Especially for a large company choosing a software for its employees to use you must know it works on the myriad of devices your employees use. Functionality across Apple/Android or Mac/Windows is pertinent; because in many jobs people are using more than one device to facilitate their presentations and strategy plans.



There are a lot of apps out there, so you want to confirm that your current processes are, or can be, reflected in the application you choose. There is no reason to totally over-haul your current workflows to adapt to an app, it should be the other way around. Try to find something that increases productivity and efficiency but doesn’t totally reinvent the wheel. The way that your business or industry operates should already be emulated in the app you choose with minimal learning curve.

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