Using Teamwork to Effectively Create Partnerships



"Sales isn’t sales, building team relationships is crucial when talking to prospects."

As a sales professional of over 20 years, I have determined that teamwork – both internal and with prospects - is the path to the most profitable and enriching sales career experience. When first connecting to a prospect/target, it is important to express that you are interested in what they are doing and that you want to help them reach their goals. In essence, you want to become part of their team to determine a solution to their problem.

It is not productive to use a persuasive approach, as you risk pushing a client to accept a product they don’t want or are not ready for. This sets up a bad reference and will inevitably become a negative reflection on your company or product. Using our internal team relationships will ensure that we as salespeople are presenting the best options and solutions to our prospects and clients.


The process is easy:

  • a) Leverage the entire team knowledge base
  • b) Brainstorm ideas and feedback from existing prospects, clients, and team members
  • c) Review past experiences-good and bad
  • d) you can learn the most of bad interactions because there is a disconnect or moment when one party was expressing a need and the other didn’t reciprocate.

To be a successful business development salesperson or sales manager – it is important to remember that the goal is to help your prospect or client get to where they want to be. Whether that is a new solution, a new idea or path to growth – the objective is to have the best option and present it in a clear, concise way – with references and experience to back up the options.

It all comes down to asking better questions and wholeheartedly digesting their feedback. Do your research, know your product and ensure that there is integrity behind your objective. Don’t forget to refer to and reach out to your team who may have different points of view that you can present to your client. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!


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